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The material: the choice of high-end.

With the help of my partner, the Evasion fishing shop 34, specialist in exotic fishing and big game fishing in Guadeloupe , I selected only high-end equipment, in order to offer you the best fishing conditions.

All the equipment is adapted to the fishing techniques practiced and the different fish that we encounter in the crystal clear waters of Guadeloupe.

The canes

The canes in Jig  

  • Gunki UMI rods S 190 XXH 30-180g : Gunki UMI rods are very efficient Jig Light rods for fishing with jig on the drop-offs. They are very light: take care, they weigh only 161 g, which is an undeniable asset when you go to jigger several hours.
    But the most remarkable is their power reserve. They have an amazing flexibility thanks to their progressive action. They allow an optimal animation of the jig and restore all their power during the fight, for a perfect control of the most fussy fish.
  • Savage rods Custom Bullie Spin gear 150-300g : The Savage gear Custom boat bullie rods are rods that have been designed by guides and professionals in lure fishing. These more powerful rods are complementary to the UMI. They are intended for strong fishing and have no power limit.They are made with high quality materials: Fuji rings, Toray carbon Japanese blank, Fuji Gold reel seat. These rods are incredibly strong and durable, perfect for fighting big predators in heavy jigging or fireball.

The lure rods

  • c years Smith Dragonbait NX4 Scrapping : the latest in the famous Dragonbait series from Smith. Their reputation is second to none! We use his rods for lures between 5 and 35 g. Ideal for lure fishing in the great marine cul de sac. Soft lure, popper, stickbait, jerkbait minnow, weightless, its versatility allows the fisherman to adapt quickly to conditions without changing equipment. These feather weights of 114 g for 2 meters long, with very fine blanks have a resonance unparalleled. But do not be fooled by their appearance of foils. These little jewels have under the hood !
    Record to beat on these rods: tarpon 1.15 m, barracuda: 1.20 m.
  • Cane Illex Waiefu Ashura 250 Blue blaster : The Blue blaster range from Illex is the top quality of the hunting rod. These rods very high ranges are throwers exceptions. Designed to propel lures from 30 to 120 g with ease and precision. Perfect for tropical peaches practiced in Guadeloupe, their action ultra fast you will animate very pleasant and technically fish swimmers, poppers and stickbaits!
    In addition, their power provides the bridle and control of beautiful specimens while keeping the pleasure of fighting on medium-sized fish. A reference.

Canes to support

  •   Cannes Sunset DORADA 210 : The Sunset Dorada rods are references in terms of fishing to support. We use them on single line or in longline.Originally designed for fishing sparidae, these rods perfectly combine the power (possibility of using pellets up to 300 g) and sensitivity (they are equipped with a buscle to feel the finest touches. The different species of groupers, porgies and other groundfish, known for their combativeness, will sell their skin dearly.

The trolling rods

  • Tiagra 50: With this 50lb power rod, it's really the maximum versatility to sportingly tackle almost all big fish in Big Game. The assembly, entirely in Pacific Bay pulleys, ensures maximum efficiency during the most intense fights, the distribution of forces along the blank being done in an ideal way.With such reliable equipment, the fight is done with much more confidence and ease, regardless of the fish and its size.
  • Kona Kaula 80 cane : The Kona waikiki cane is the latest in the Kona line. Thanks to its power of 80 lbs and its assembly entirely in pulleys, it makes it possible to face any species likely to be met in big game fishing. Tuna and marlin in mind !


Spinning reels

  • Daiwa BG: In order to equip all my fishermen, I selected the Daiwa BG reels, in size 3000, 4500 and 6500. These reels specially designed for the strong and tropical peaches, developed in the United States, tested on the tarpons, loaches and trevallies, are hyper robust. They are built with very high quality materials and are very fluid, thanks to the latest technologies used in their design. You will find these reels in many fishing camps abroad (Madagascar, West Africa ...). You will be amazed by the robustness and quality of these little jewels !

Trolling reels

  •   Shimano TLD: The Shimano TLD is a world reference in big game fishing! It perfectly combines power and lightness. It allows you to compete against the strongest fish with a maneuverable and lightweight equipment compared to the phenomenal power it can deliver in combat. Its braking capacity is much greater than that of a traditional 50 lb. size reel since it is actually an 80 lb. model without the inconvenience of being overweight. In short, no bad surprise whatever the size of the fish !
Bateau le bel an nou

The boat, Bel an nou

The services are on board a Pineau Acham 21, a boat designed and designed to gain comfort in fishing and navigation. The shell, locally made, is a true work of art. Talk to any Guadeloupe, you will be surprised! Coming from one of the most famous shipyard in the Caribbean, it shows a hallucinating sea passage, far superior to the classic French hulls of Cape Camarat type.

Finally, to quickly reach the spots safely, the boat is equipped with a Yamaha 150cv 4T engine. A reliable, discreet and powerful engine.