Shark fishing with broumé

Pêche au jig : speed jigging, slow jigging, fireball

The shark is a fish that gets talked about. It is often very badly seen by the general public, not helped by the film "The teeth of the sea" released in the 70s.
However, even if his reputation as a great man eater is wrong, he is a fantastic sport fish.

Guadeloupe brings together a very large variety of sharks: silky, longimane, hammer, tiger, bulldog, sleeper ...

We will catch them with broumé, a technique that consists in creating a burrow of sometimes several kilometers, which will bring the sharks up to our baits.
Once captured, the shark will not come out of the water. We will maintain it along the boat to make a souvenir photo, and, above all, to quickly release our opponent safely (both for him and for us!).

So come capture your first shark, it's an experience you do not forget !

Discovery of tropical fishes

Bait fishing, called "palangrotte"

Whether you are a confirmed fisherman or totally novice, let me guide you to the crystal clear waters of Guadeloupe.

Come discover the different species of tropical fish that are found in the lagoon and that we will take using a technique of bait fishing, called "palangrotte".

It is an introductory, family fishing, native to the Mediterranean and which adapts perfectly to the catch of many tropical fish.
The conviviality, the relaxation and the wonder are the main characteristics of this service.

The target fish will be: parrot, small grouper, hawk, cola, barbarine, tench, captain, barracuda ...
We will fish a wide variety of fish, all more colorful than the others, that we will keep alive in a basket to make pretty pictures before releasing them.

Stroll and fishing in the heart of the mangrove and islets

Spinning with hard or soft lures, light trails

Whether you are a confirmed fisherman or totally novice, let me guide you to the heart of the mangroves located in the great cul de sac marin.
Come visit these true swamp forests that are found only in tropical and intertropical regions.
From the coastal strip to the inland, the mangrove is an ecosystem in its own right and has one of the richest and most productive biotopes on earth !
Thanks to the richness of its fauna and flora (composed of 626 and 172 marine and terrestrial species respectively), you will have the feeling of being on another planet !

We will take the opportunity to try to catch some of the 255 species of fish populating the place, fishing with lures, throwing or dragging, with light equipment to feel a maximum of sensations !

Barracuda, tarpon, porridge, bonefish, snook, here are some of the opponents you might encounter at the bend of a root !

Mangrove lure fishing

Heavy-cover fishing, spinning with hard or soft lures, light trails

In the mangrove, fishing in Guadeloupe is very similar to fishing in fresh water, but with marine fish!

We will be able to practice:

  • fishing in heavy-cover in Texas, in the middle of the mangrove roots,
  • classic spinning fishing with hard or soft lures, in the big marine cul-de-sac,
  • the light train near the mangroves.

I will know how to propose you the adapted technique and the best spots according to the season or the type of sought-after fishes in order to put all the chances on your side!

You will have the opportunity to meet a wide variety of species such as: trevally, barracuda, tarpon, porpoise, snook, bonefish, elops, ray ...

This is an exciting technique because we are in perpetual search of the fish and nothing is due to chance: it is you who will trigger the attack!

Multi-fishing output

Lure fishing, jig light, light train, lively

A service open to all, whatever your level and your expectations!

From the marina of Gosier, board the Bel an nou and discover the fishing techniques of very combative fish!

I will be able to propose the best technique and the best spots according to the season, according to your level of fishing and according to the type of fish wanted in order to put the chances on your side!

We will fish lure on different reef heads, looking for barracudas, wahoo and jacks. We may also have the opportunity to tackle a hunt if it shows up!

Light trolling is a classic technique but still very effective. It will be necessary to choose the right lure, swimming at the proper depth and the right color. With the use of fine material, some fish will give you a hard time!

The jig light: Jig, Slow jig, Madai, Inchiku, Tenya ...
It is an exciting, modern and sporty technique where one perpetually seeks animation that will trigger the attack of the predator!
Beware the attack is lightning and departures often dazzling. You must not forget your arms to animate these lures and fight the fish interested ...

The quick drifting, slow train at the edge of reefs , is a more technical fishing where the keys are more rare but the catch often bigger! We will hunt for benthic and pelagic fish on request.