Shark fishing with broumé

Pêche au jig : speed jigging, slow jigging, fireball

The shark is a fish that gets talked about. It is often very badly seen by the general public, not helped by the film "The teeth of the sea" released in the 70s.
However, even if his reputation as a great man eater is wrong, he is a fantastic sport fish.

Guadeloupe brings together a very large variety of sharks: silky, longimane, hammer, tiger, bulldog, sleeper ...

We will catch them with broumé, a technique that consists in creating a burrow of sometimes several kilometers, which will bring the sharks up to our baits.
Once captured, the shark will not come out of the water. We will maintain it along the boat to make a souvenir photo, and, above all, to quickly release our opponent safely (both for him and for us!).

So come capture your first shark, it's an experience you do not forget !