Stroll and fishing in the heart of the mangrove and islets

Spinning with hard or soft lures, light trails

Whether you are a confirmed fisherman or totally novice, let me guide you to the heart of the mangroves located in the great cul de sac marin.
Come visit these true swamp forests that are found only in tropical and intertropical regions.
From the coastal strip to the inland, the mangrove is an ecosystem in its own right and has one of the richest and most productive biotopes on earth !
Thanks to the richness of its fauna and flora (composed of 626 and 172 marine and terrestrial species respectively), you will have the feeling of being on another planet !

We will take the opportunity to try to catch some of the 255 species of fish populating the place, fishing with lures, throwing or dragging, with light equipment to feel a maximum of sensations !

Barracuda, tarpon, porridge, bonefish, snook, here are some of the opponents you might encounter at the bend of a root !