Fishing in Guadeloupe: all fish

Pagres : pink porpoise , mangrove snapper, yellow pager, spare paw (red carp), dog tooth pager ... The family of the wolves is vast! We meet them both on the high seas and in the great sea cul-de-sac and given their fighting spirit, we will not complain!

Groupers : grouper Nassau, "big mouth", old checkered ... At the touch, it should not let it take 1 meter of wire if you do not want to see it back in its hole! An intense duel where the first seconds are decisive!

Barracuda : the big barracuda whose reputation is well established, can reach 2 meters for 50 kilos! Aggressive predator and very present around the reefs, he will not resist the jerky animation of a jig or lure and will trigger blazing attacks (over 60 km / h!) Which he has the secret!

Trevallies : the sport fish par excellence! World famous, it is probably the most sought after sport fish around the world.

Groz'yeux, hippo, moon, feather, permit, black, etc., Guadeloupe has a great variety of species of trevallies. They are found in shallow estuaries to the great depths of more than 100 meters.

Cola franc : the ugly duckling of the family of the pagres! Unlike all its cousins, the cola franc is the only species of pelagic pageur. He is very frequent and very greedy. Even the smallest specimens will not hesitate to attack lures bigger than them.

Snook : also called pike in Guadeloupe, it is a very combative coastal predator. It evolves in the brackish waters of estuaries, ports and mangroves. It is mainly found in soft lures near mangroves and river mouths.

Tarpon : He too has forged a reputation as tough guy! The "Grant Ekay" as it is called here is a formidable opponent.On average, its size varies between 40 and 80 centimeters but specimens of 2 meters are also present. Because of his aerial combat and his reinforced concrete mouth, it will not hesitate to ferret " like a pony " if you want to win the battle !

The pelagics:

Apart from the big marine cul-de-sac, we will be able to meet most of the previous species but also the famous pelagic fishes.
You can compete with wahoo, sailfish, marlin, bluefin tuna, striped tuna, skipjack, yellowfin tuna, dolphinfish, amberjack, cola batard or even the dreaded shark!

We will then practice big game fishing !

The big game fishing of these powerful fish will put your arms to the test regardless of the technique used and will bring you unforgettable memories.