How I became a fishing guide Guadeloupe

Born to fish ...

From an early age, I immediately became passionate about fishing and the aquatic environment in general.
I spent a good part of my life exploring the marine environment, starting with the Mediterranean Sea where I grew up on the coast, in the Camargue, to rub shoulders with wolves and bluefin tuna.

Then I lived a few months in the Indian Ocean, in Mauritius where I was able to discover, at 15, the fishing of exotic fish. It was there that I met for the first time my friends trevallies, barracudas and other predators. My vocation for fishing was born ...

Finally, my many fishing trips in West Africa, on the Azores archipelago and obviously in Guadeloupe allowed me to discover and appreciate the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean.

It is Guadeloupe that has captivated me most for its paradisiacal environment and the beautiful fishing areas that are still possible. After four fishing trips on the spot, I decided to settle there permanently, at the end of my training as a fishing guide, provided by the CFPPA Marvejols for its freshwater part and by the school of the sea of ​​Sète , for its part maritime environment.

I propose you to share this passion and put my experience at your service, in order to make you have a great time aboard Bel an nou.

Whether you are beginner or confirmed, I propose an organization and a service tailored to your level and your expectations so that you have only one thing to do: enjoy and fish!

A qualified professional guide of state - Guide fishing guide in Guadeloupe

After a year of training, I became an instructor - fishing guide in Guadeloupe .
This diploma is issued jointly by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Sports. It certifies skills acquired and validated for the teaching of recreational and sport fishing. For my part, I have also obtained its complementary capitalizable unit for specific teaching in the maritime domain.

In the same way as skiing or mountaineering, recreational sport fishing is now considered as a physical activity and sport in its own right.
It is governed by legislative texts that govern the practice and conditions of its teaching.